Bug on Emrals - Bug Title: Home page- sign up – terms of page link is not opening Type: Functional Frequency: Every Time Priority: High Actions Performed: 1. Go to http://www.emrals.com/ 2. Click on “sign up” at top right side of the page 3. Click on “ Terms of page” RESULTS Expected Results: Terms of page link should open with information Actual Results: Terms of page link is not opening when clicked. Additional Environment Information: 1. OS: Windows 7 2. Browser :Chrome 56.0.2924.76 3. Bug URL: http://www.emrals.com/accounts/signup/#
Domain: http://www.emrals.com/
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Reported on emrals.com

Total # of issues reported = 73

Reported by vasureddy

Total Points of vasureddy = 15

Browser Version: 56.0.2924

Operating System: Windows

OS Version: 7

Bug Type: General
Status: open
Added on: Feb. 7, 2017, 5:54 a.m.


OCR Results:

fiign up Already have an account? Then please Sign in. Fasflysigninwith: Byenhering, you agree to our Texms of Semce fl


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