Bug on Spurri - Not implemented comment block
Domain: http://www.spurri.com/mini-maker-faire-outreach/
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Reported on spurri.com

Total # of issues reported = 61

Reported by andrejkale

Total Points of andrejkale = 27

Browser Version: 56.0.2924

Operating System: Windows

OS Version: 10

Bug Type: General
Status: closed
Added on: Feb. 13, 2017, 10:36 a.m.


OCR Results:

DAdd FHes McCUntock, a Lam professor at Hampdenrsydney College m Vwrgwma. Comments Feb.12,2017,11:19 am 7 andrejkale H1 ‘ Post Preview ‘ Not implemented comment block 09:40PM Name Sohdtauon Amount Deadhn Sco # Max Dwscovery Researcw Prev<712 \DRvflrlZ‘ 15692 $5,000,000 78 ER Core Research IECFU 157509 $500,000 75 \nno\.'afive Technology Experiencesforsmdems and 15699 $1,200,000 75 Teache's‘ TEST)


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