Bug on Emrals - "2014 Emrals,Inc. All rights reserved" is hidden at the bottom of the screen. The text need to be visible to the user as in the previous screen(Eg: Home Screen).
Domain: http://www.emrals.com/
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Reported on emrals.com

Total # of issues reported = 73

Reported by saikrishna

Total Points of saikrishna = 12

Browser Version: 56.0.2924

Operating System: Windows

OS Version: 7

Bug Type: General
Status: open
Added on: March 2, 2017, 5:50 a.m.


OCR Results:

Hume eCan About Comm mug Press GeIEmIals Achievements Invasions I: ’ TermsnISu-vice MesnIDirlAlens ’fi m wmhmvmn "' SEND US FEEDBACK


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